Improving Intel On-board VGA Game Playing

June 21, 2010 6 comments

Ok folks, it was a long time since my last post but it’s nice to have more than 500 visits to my blog. Sorry for the long layoff as I was quite busy with my dads website n some other programming stuff. Any way this is the second part of my Intel GMA game enabling article & on my endless journeys in the vast Internet Ocean I have found out a nice hefty tool which would help you to play games on your onboard VGA which was previously impossible. Now for years this process was a painful registry editing process.

Simply to explain what is happening here I need to tell you few more things. So take a deep breath ūüėÄ

What is vertex Processing Mode ??

Vertex processing is one of the fundamental parts of the Direct3D pipeline. The geometric information passed to the drawing calls is passed through several stages before it enters the rasterization? stage.

As the underlying hardware has evolved different routes through the¬†pipeline exist. Originally all¬†vertex data was processed by the¬†CPU, then Hardware Transform and Lighting? moved the calculations over to the¬†GPU. The latest set of revisions have enabled graphics programmers to write short “Vertex Shader?” programs that operate directly on the¬†geometry.

What’s the difference between hardware and software vertex processing?

Hardware versus Software vertex processing applies to HAL? devices. When you push vertices through the pipeline?, they need to be transformed? (by the world?, view?, and projection? matrices in turn) and¬†lit (by Direct3D‘s built-in lights?) – this processing stage is known as T&L? (for Transform & Lighting). Hardware vertex processing means this is done in hardware, if the hardware supports it; ergo, Software vertex processing is done is software.

The general practice is to try creating a Hardware T&L? device first, and if that fails try mixed?, and if that fails try software. If software fails, give up and exit with an error.
From –

I simply wanna tell you now in Intel GMA although some games require hardware vertex processing Intel is not supporting  this feature, So there is a way around it & simply what we do is that the games which require Hardware Vertex processing ( Which are unplayable ) we alter the registry settings come by default to Software Vertex Processing which would enable you to play the games. As an example following games which are by default unplayble on Intel GMA can be made playable through this registry hack.

  • Farcry
  • Call Of Duty 2
  • GTA Saint Andreas
  • F.E.A.R
  • FIFA 2010
  • GOD Father 2

So this is the way to do it

Download This Software –

N Thanlk Isair for this software Ok.

Minimum requirtements to use the software

.NET Framework 3.5

Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package

Get Them n install them if you don’t have ok

Then follow these instructions

1)Double click the executable, it should automatically detect your display adapters.

2)If your display adapter’s vendor is Intel then go to the “Vertex Processing Modes For Specified Executables” tab.

3)Press “Add Executable” button and select your game’s main executable.

4)After adding it find it in the list, click it, then click on “Change Vertex Processing Mode” button.

5)There you go, your game should now use Software Vertex Processing instead of HWVP. If this doesn’t increase your

FPS then you should switch back to HWVP by clicking “Change Vertex Processing Mode” button again. Also you don’t

need to restart for your changes to make effect.

*** In this version Isair has added Bunch of games so just check before you play

Free File Sharing Service – DropBox

Project Time is upon us at SLIIT ‚Ķ.. Doom ūüėÄ Not exactly I say ‚Ķ Any way I had run into many problems during the project days. One of those is sharing the contents I do with my groupies. So now I have the perfect Solution (almost perfect)

So it is a Web 2.0 Service (You may wonder what is Web 2.0??? at this point isn’t it??)

Web 2.0 is (according to Wikipedia) is the next generation (it’s already here) of the ever evolving web.

You can read a bit on Web 2.0 On this Link

Drop Box is a tool where you can share your files at will

Initial free storage is 2.0 GB (You can go up to 100 GB if you pay) but for me 2 GB is more than enough to share my word files & few videos

Features according to the Dropbox Site

  • File Synchronization
  • File Sharing
  • Online Backup
  • Web Access
  • Security & Privacy
  • Mobile Device Access

For the full set of features please go to

Any way you need to download it to use it & there is a neat video on how to use it.

Download Dropbox from  à

You need to create an account for your self too

So Happy Sharing: P & Hope anyone can use this to enhance their online experience

See ya next time

File Sharing Techniques – By Ravindu Madanayake

May 27, 2010 1 comment

Frequent internet users (or I might say surfers) would like to have an easiest and cheapest way to transfer larger files. (Sorry guys‚Ķthis one doesn‚Äôt apply for the dialup users 56Kbps line). There are few methods to have ‚Äúfile sharing‚ÄĚ in the internet. One is that we can use a peer to peer network which is most widely used technique through out of the world. One user can share the file to other users who are connected to the relevant network. These files are divide into small parts or pieces* which can be taken from multiple peers who have the file and then those small pieces can be taken into a one file by the downloader through a peer to peer client. The best part of it is that we can do the uploading or shall we say, send received parts to other peers who are seeking the same file. Well other way is by using file hosting services. There are many free or paid sites or services (these can be either mail, blogs or anything that allows direct download to the clients) in the internet. But the problem is that higher space for hosting you need the higher the price is or else lesser the free sites available. As most of us using ADSL connections or others using mobile broadband has somewhat lesser ability when it comes to uploading. Because in ADSL usually the uploading speeds are around 14-15KBps and in mobile broadband there is somewhat lesser amount (depends on the Service Provider) and it does contain a service limit which is define by the service provider. Though file sharing is a good option when it comes to direct downloads for the clients but the practical problems often crosses the path.

So in this article I now focus on torrent which is a popular peer to peer file sharing technique. Not only it’s popular its effective cheaper and much more reliable than most of the direct download techniques not to mention the resume capabilities of torrent clients**. A torrent file contains the URLs of multiple trackers*** and it defines the details of all the pieces available for the relevant file.

Here are some methods of making the torrent download faster, effective and efficient

  • Use a torrent which has a good seed (the users who have the complete file) to peer (lechers) ratio.
  • Add more trackers to the torrent (more trackers means more seeds/peers)
  • Port forwarding methods available in the torrent client – Port forwarding allows remote (public machines) computers to connect to a specific computer within a private Local Area Network.
  • Higher bandwidth allocation for the torrent client- if the internet connection is idle you can allocate more bandwidth.

*- these pieces can be varying from 64KB to 4MB depending on the way the file shared upon.

**-some direct downloads allow resume capability

***- server that helps in the data communication between peers in peer to peer connection

So am going to give you little info on the torrent clients. There are many of them available in the internet for absolutely free within few minutes you can download it from the relevant sites. But keep in mind that some of the torrent clients have better GUIs and many services which of course take more memory but it is good if you can allocate some more memory. For example I’ll list down few torrent clients BitTorrent, BitComet, BitTornado, Limewire, Transmission,uTorrent and Vuze. I gotta warn you guys when it comes to using the search facility in some of the torrent clients it can sometimes make the machine vulnerable to virus or Trojans so always use all the precautions when it comes to downloading files through these clients.

WYZO Browser

Here am going to introduce a very new multimedia experience called ‚ÄúWYZO‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs a new browser that enhances your media experience quite similar to Vuze. But WYZO does have some interesting features such as BitTorrent intergration, faster downloads and also media start page (Vuze users are much more familiar with this). It also compatible with Mozilla add-ons.

you can download wyzo at

More info and comparison on wiki page

I got some screen shots of some torrent clients I am using. Utorrent  See image below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From my next article I am going to give you more info on how to get more details on our favorite entertainment area. Until then this is Ravindu Signing off for the techlegend.

How to improve Your On-board VGA’s (Part One Intel)

May 20, 2010 8 comments

This is relevant to Intel GMA 900, GMA 950, GMA 3000, GMA 3100,  GMA X3000, GMA X3100, GMA X3500, GMA X4500, GMA 500, HD Graphics (GMA HD) ok.

Ok Now most of us do not have external High End VGA’s isn’t it ? But every now & again we would love to play a game or two. It makes us bit sad when we end up with a¬†message¬†saying that¬†performance¬†in the VGA is not enough for playing that certain game. Now here I am intending to help you to improve your INTEL on-board VGA to have some kind of a boost ( Pardon me for not using the term GPU or Graphic’s Processing Unit which was introduced by Nvidia OK .. I don’t consider Intel On-board VGA as a GPU )

Approximately if all done successfully you will get a 20 % boost to your video gaming performance . First let me tell you that the Intel on-board VGA packs quite a punch But what it lacks is the proper drivers to harness its true energy. This is quite pity for a VGA chip brand which covers almost 60 % of the VGA market. So let me take you through the steps OK.

** Install Windows 7 if your PC can support – What it does is that ( My personal Observation ) it enables AGP texture acceleration if it was not available in your PC previously. This is because of the new drivers . I experienced this on my Laptop where in windows XP this feature was not enabled thus i was not able to play Call of Duty 2 even. But with windows 7 this option is enabled & i can even play COD 4.

** Install Latest Drivers for Intel VGA’s – Even if you have the latest OS up & running without the latest drivers you will not get the optimum¬†performance with out proper up to date drivers. So get the & install those ( Its a good idea to have all your drivers updated – Windows 7 will do this automatically if Windows update is enabled – But it is good to install drivers from the specific vendor OK ) –> Download your drivers from here & there is a handy tool available in the site too (Intel Driver Update Utility).

** Now lets tweak a bit OK . So when you start up the computer go to BIOS & Find out where is the option to select DVMT РDynamic Video Memory Technology & set it to the maximum possible (DVMT will dynamically allocate video memory from RAM depending on the application running ) ¬†— > Read More on DVMT ok its an interesting technology.

** Now since you have the latest Hardware up & running lets tweak the drivers a bit. You can search the internet for days but end up having no tweaks . But here i found this option works a bit to increase the performance OK.

Go to the Intel Graphic Properties( from the Task Bar Icon– > then go to 3D settings which will open the OPEN GL settings –> Then scroll down to find Driver Memory Footprint & Make It High.

Confused How to open it ..  Read this article from Intel OK

**Finally Let us do some over clocking – ( Hope all know the risks of over clocking Ha )

To do that there is a nice application called GMA booster. It will increase the clock rate of your intel VGA thus resulting in 20 % increase in your VGA performance

You can download it from here ok

Unfortunately at present it only support Intel GMA 900 & 950 only

Features of it — >

  • The boost in game “X” is about 25%, while in pure GPU tests (like 3DMark¬ģ ’05/’06 Pixel Shader or Texturing tests) I see a whopping perfomance increase, just as expected (I mean, as might be predicted with calculator) – up to 2.4x
  • No hardware over clocking only software ( You have to run GMA booster every time you start the computer OK )

SO Happy Gaming People

In Next Article

How to tune your On-board Nvidia VGA

— > PS — If you are interested & I see any comments here I will post a list of games suitable for these Intel VGA’s & download links which i tested out¬†personally¬† ( If I see comments Only Ok )

This Weeks Software Review From Me-Part One

PANDA Cloud Antivirus 2010

OK Guys so from this Wednesday onwards every week I will be doing a review on a software which i tested out & most probably will help you to keep your PC/laptop running smoothly & purposefully

So this weeks Software is PANDA Cloud Antivirus

First of all You may want to know what is cloud computing i guess……….

” A technology used to access services offered on the Internet cloud. Everything an informatics system has to offer is provided as a service, so users can access these services available on the ‚ÄúInternet cloud‚ÄĚ without having any previous know-how (or at least not as an expert) on managing the resources involved.¬†”

Source –

I will try to explain it in terms of this product OK , if any questions or unclear areas please do comment on this article & I am more than willing to help you out

In this PANDA antivirus context the database which is the most essential part of  any antivirus product is not placed in your local machine anymore but it is in the INTERNET CLOUD.

*** Those who learned C# this semester ( For my batch mates ) it is like what we did for WSDL where services are granted from an outside source.

So lets move in to PANDA cloud antivirus OK,

What I like about it

  • Runs very very light on the machine ( most of us don’t have the power house like computers¬†isn’t¬†it )
  • Need No More Updates ( So saves your precious bandwidth for some torrents may be ūüėÄ )
  • Simple Interface ( really simple interface would help any sort of user to use it )
  • Has one of the best detection rates
  • Completely free

What I don’t like about it

  • Its bit too simple & for an advanced user it is not that much¬†configurable
  • Offline¬†Mal ware¬†detection is bit thin & lacks protection against them when not connected to the Internet
  • Has no Firewall protection but can work with any firewall available

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can download it from

Next Part is for another day

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Lets start it slow ok

Now for the time being i will just give you¬†something¬†to cheer about ha. It will be like this. Now a days Internet Marketing is huge & growing at an increasing pace. So lots of people from these gigantic ¬†companies are willing to offer stuff freely, as giveaways. Pure marketing plus we may never ever need these stuff in day to day life but then again how many of you request Ubuntu or Kubuntu CD’s & don’t use them ūüėÄ

So i thought of listing this wonderful site I came across where it says it will help & list-down web sites which would actually send you something.

now the site is —->>>¬† which says¬†free-stuff¬†&¬†freebies¬†are given away .

Any way I my self also requested some stuff, Hope they would reach me by two weeks ( Usually this takes 2 to 4 weeks )

& I will keep you posted with it.

BTW – I have already got a Ferrari F 1 teams promotion stickers, Some posters & Solaris DVD


So good luck trying out these ha

& don’t forget to subscribe for my RSS feed & may be later my tweets for more ūüėÄ see ya ūüôā

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Here we Go…………………..

May 11, 2010 2 comments

Ok this is a test ha don’t you just judge this blog ha , not now any way give it some time to grow … Any way my audience is my SLIIT batch & may be if¬†helpful¬†other SLIIT students. But things i will explain here can be used by any one. Most probably they will be day to day computer problems, Software reviews , Must use softwares & stuff. any way here we go……………………………

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