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This Weeks Software Review From Me-Part One

PANDA Cloud Antivirus 2010

OK Guys so from this Wednesday onwards every week I will be doing a review on a software which i tested out & most probably will help you to keep your PC/laptop running smoothly & purposefully

So this weeks Software is PANDA Cloud Antivirus

First of all You may want to know what is cloud computing i guess……….

” A technology used to access services offered on the Internet cloud. Everything an informatics system has to offer is provided as a service, so users can access these services available on the “Internet cloud” without having any previous know-how (or at least not as an expert) on managing the resources involved. ”

Source –

I will try to explain it in terms of this product OK , if any questions or unclear areas please do comment on this article & I am more than willing to help you out

In this PANDA antivirus context the database which is the most essential part of  any antivirus product is not placed in your local machine anymore but it is in the INTERNET CLOUD.

*** Those who learned C# this semester ( For my batch mates ) it is like what we did for WSDL where services are granted from an outside source.

So lets move in to PANDA cloud antivirus OK,

What I like about it

  • Runs very very light on the machine ( most of us don’t have the power house like computers isn’t it )
  • Need No More Updates ( So saves your precious bandwidth for some torrents may be 😀 )
  • Simple Interface ( really simple interface would help any sort of user to use it )
  • Has one of the best detection rates
  • Completely free

What I don’t like about it

  • Its bit too simple & for an advanced user it is not that much configurable
  • Offline Mal ware detection is bit thin & lacks protection against them when not connected to the Internet
  • Has no Firewall protection but can work with any firewall available

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You can download it from

Next Part is for another day

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Lets start it slow ok

Now for the time being i will just give you something to cheer about ha. It will be like this. Now a days Internet Marketing is huge & growing at an increasing pace. So lots of people from these gigantic  companies are willing to offer stuff freely, as giveaways. Pure marketing plus we may never ever need these stuff in day to day life but then again how many of you request Ubuntu or Kubuntu CD’s & don’t use them 😀

So i thought of listing this wonderful site I came across where it says it will help & list-down web sites which would actually send you something.

now the site is —->>> which says free-stuff & freebies are given away .

Any way I my self also requested some stuff, Hope they would reach me by two weeks ( Usually this takes 2 to 4 weeks )

& I will keep you posted with it.

BTW – I have already got a Ferrari F 1 teams promotion stickers, Some posters & Solaris DVD


So good luck trying out these ha

& don’t forget to subscribe for my RSS feed & may be later my tweets for more 😀 see ya 🙂

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