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File Sharing Techniques – By Ravindu Madanayake

Frequent internet users (or I might say surfers) would like to have an easiest and cheapest way to transfer larger files. (Sorry guys…this one doesn’t apply for the dialup users 56Kbps line). There are few methods to have “file sharing” in the internet. One is that we can use a peer to peer network which is most widely used technique through out of the world. One user can share the file to other users who are connected to the relevant network. These files are divide into small parts or pieces* which can be taken from multiple peers who have the file and then those small pieces can be taken into a one file by the downloader through a peer to peer client. The best part of it is that we can do the uploading or shall we say, send received parts to other peers who are seeking the same file. Well other way is by using file hosting services. There are many free or paid sites or services (these can be either mail, blogs or anything that allows direct download to the clients) in the internet. But the problem is that higher space for hosting you need the higher the price is or else lesser the free sites available. As most of us using ADSL connections or others using mobile broadband has somewhat lesser ability when it comes to uploading. Because in ADSL usually the uploading speeds are around 14-15KBps and in mobile broadband there is somewhat lesser amount (depends on the Service Provider) and it does contain a service limit which is define by the service provider. Though file sharing is a good option when it comes to direct downloads for the clients but the practical problems often crosses the path.

So in this article I now focus on torrent which is a popular peer to peer file sharing technique. Not only it’s popular its effective cheaper and much more reliable than most of the direct download techniques not to mention the resume capabilities of torrent clients**. A torrent file contains the URLs of multiple trackers*** and it defines the details of all the pieces available for the relevant file.

Here are some methods of making the torrent download faster, effective and efficient

  • Use a torrent which has a good seed (the users who have the complete file) to peer (lechers) ratio.
  • Add more trackers to the torrent (more trackers means more seeds/peers)
  • Port forwarding methods available in the torrent client – Port forwarding allows remote (public machines) computers to connect to a specific computer within a private Local Area Network.
  • Higher bandwidth allocation for the torrent client- if the internet connection is idle you can allocate more bandwidth.

*- these pieces can be varying from 64KB to 4MB depending on the way the file shared upon.

**-some direct downloads allow resume capability

***- server that helps in the data communication between peers in peer to peer connection

So am going to give you little info on the torrent clients. There are many of them available in the internet for absolutely free within few minutes you can download it from the relevant sites. But keep in mind that some of the torrent clients have better GUIs and many services which of course take more memory but it is good if you can allocate some more memory. For example I’ll list down few torrent clients BitTorrent, BitComet, BitTornado, Limewire, Transmission,uTorrent and Vuze. I gotta warn you guys when it comes to using the search facility in some of the torrent clients it can sometimes make the machine vulnerable to virus or Trojans so always use all the precautions when it comes to downloading files through these clients.

WYZO Browser

Here am going to introduce a very new multimedia experience called “WYZO”. It’s a new browser that enhances your media experience quite similar to Vuze. But WYZO does have some interesting features such as BitTorrent intergration, faster downloads and also media start page (Vuze users are much more familiar with this). It also compatible with Mozilla add-ons.

you can download wyzo at http://www.wyzo.com

More info and comparison on wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_BitTorrent_clients

I got some screen shots of some torrent clients I am using. Utorrent  See image below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From my next article I am going to give you more info on how to get more details on our favorite entertainment area. Until then this is Ravindu Signing off for the techlegend.

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